Dental Implants

Sometimes we need to reconstruct a tooth for either aesthetic reasons, for comfort, or to help support the stability of our existing natural teeth.

A dental implant is what dentists use as a substitute for a natural tooth root, and it is inserted into a socket that is prepared to hold the implant in place. The implant can be a screw or cylinder style, and is created to be strong, durable and comfortable.

The main reason for needing a dental implant is to replace a missing tooth, or replace a tooth that is too damaged to be successfully saved and repaired. The skill of the dental surgeon will be employed to give you a finished implant that perfectly matched your natural teeth, so you can have a perfect smile, and continue to chew food comfortably and effectively without any issues.

How implants are made

Your dentist will prepare a socket, and place a secure post into your jaw to act as a root to support your implant. The posts are usually made from titanium which is renowned for it’s strength and durability. The post can be cylinder or screw shaped, and is inserted into your jaw at the location where your new tooth is needed.

Once your gums are healed and recovered from the post placement, the tooth implant is secured to the post to form your new tooth. On some occasions dental implants are used as a form of support for bridges and fixed dentures.

How secure are implants?

Many people who are about to have dental implants for the first time may worry about how safe and secure they are. Trained dentists have been performing implants for years, they are one of the most well-established treatments on offer today, and they are perfectly safe.

Implants are created to be permanent, so technically they should last as long as your natural teeth, and even longer if you take proper care of them. As long as you continue following a good dental hygiene routine, and keep up with your regular dental check-ups, you shouldn’t have any problems with your implants at all.

Taking care of your dental implants is just as important as caring for your natural teeth. If left neglected, your implant can develop some of the same problems that natural teeth can suffer, such as gum disease and infection, bleeding, pain, as well as tartar build-up.

If you take care of your health and look after your teeth and dental implants, you can expect many years of trouble free use.

Do I have to have teeth removed?

Many people worry that to have dental implants, they will have to have all of their teeth removed. This is not true! You can have implants alongside your natural teeth, and there is no need to remove perfectly healthy teeth to make way for an implant. You can have any number of single bad, missing or broken teeth replaced by an implant, from one tooth to a whole set.

Your dentist will make sure you have a full consultation before any work is carried out, and will ensure that you understand how dental implants work, and what the procedure entails. X-rays will be taken of your teeth, and a full treatment plan will be worked out with you.

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